It was in 1827, when the first pasta production workshop was opened in Sansepolcro by Giulia Boninsegni (“Nonna Giulia”) and her husband Gio. 

Batta Buitoni made the success story in Italy and around the world, and of one of the best-known Italian food brands began.

From the very start the values of ITALIAN TRADITION, together with INNOVATION have been the hallmark of BUITONI products.

The quest for better quality and the flair of Giovanni Buitoni, who succeeded his father in guiding the company, soon led to focusing on importing durum wheat from Puglia – the raw material that means the pasta stays firm during cooking and gives it the flavour that to this day makes Italian pasta stand out from other pasta.

(It would be 140 years before the law required only durum wheat to be used in pasta production!)

Innovation, together with attention to new food requirements, have always made Buitoni products special: from the pastine glutinate of yesteryear to the wide range of products available today, including regional specialities, egg pasta and high-fibre pasta.

Buitoni also led the way in baked goods: the Sansepolcro factory has been producing them since 1897, and in 1934 the catalogue featured the celebrated fette biscottate (toasted rusks). Two decades later Buitoni was producing melba toast, a bread substitute that is still unique in the Italian market. To this days, our toasted rusks are in a class by themselves. 

Rich in whole wheat flour, vitamins, calcium and grains,they are one of our best-loved product lines worldwide.

Along with the passion for products, BUITONI has always had an international perspective, strengthened by 130 years of experience in the export business, which has made us one of the best-known Italian brands in the world.

The name BUITONI is synonymous of “Italian Style”:
authenticity, tradition and imagination ... SAVOURING LIFE THE ITALIAN WAY.