Fritoper, chips, snacks and microwave popcorn factory, is the continuation company of the old brand "Fried Perez" founded in the year 1979. 

The young, second Fritoper generation had leads and managed the company applying the most demanding business excellence criteria, making Fritoper as a referent in Spain and in the most of European Countries as Chips, Snack &Microwave Popcorn. 

Taking care in the selection of the best raw materials from its origin, using  the best products, and a process that preserves traditional recipes, which combines the most advanced PC control and machinery as well, reaching FRY more than 70,000 kg of potatoes/day, and one million kg of popcorn per year.  

The quality Control Department, I+D, and more than 100 highly qualified professionals, are the guarantee for the best potato chips with all the range of flavors, the most appetizing snacks, and microwave popcorn that stands for more tasty meal and healthiest in the market.