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Pastry Stuffed Apple Pie

Easy x4

Heat the sugar in a solid pan. Stir and let caramelize, then pour 30 ml of water and sweet spice soy sauce . Peel the apples, cut them into thick slices of 2cm. Spread them on the caramel and drizzle with orange juice, sprinkle with cinnamon and vanilla sugar. In a pie, pour the pastry, spread poppy seeds, raisins, cinnamon and vanilla sugar.
Chop with a fork and pour over the apples, bake for 30 minutes at 200graus for about 20m.
To taste: with vanilla ice cream or sweetened with vanilla sugar. Serve with whipped cream. Preparation time: 60 min.

To cover :
150 g of white sugar
3 tablespoons soy sauce
sweet spice
2-3 apples (Golden Delicious)
juice of 1/2 orange, cinnamon

1 / 2 vanilla sugar package

For the tart :
puff pastry 300g
2- 3 tablespoons poppy seeds soup
2 tablespoons of raisins, cinnamon and 1/2
vanilla sugar package.