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Asian chicken salad

Easy x4

Cook rice. Cut the chicken breast into cubes, season with 3 tablespoons teriyaki marinade and fry. Cook the peas and drain. Cut the onions into rings. Peel the mango and cut it in half, season it with pepper milled and cut into cubes. Pour in the marinade mayonnaise Kikkoman teriyaki, mix with the ingredients and season to taste with pepper and curry powder. Roughly chop the cashew nuts, sprinkle and serve.
Preparation time: 45 minutes.

150g basmati rice
400g chicken breast
7 tablespoons Kikkoman Teriyaki marinade
200g frozen peas
2 tablespoons vegetable oil
4 spring onions
1 mango
2 red peppers
100 g of salad mayonnaise to Kikkoman
freshly ground pepper
curry powder
60 g cashew nuts