Ponte Vertical, Lda., with the desire to fulfill the traces of an initial project, comes to give a name to a traditional brand of Portuguese quality!

The Brand PATEO

is born from the desire to sow and rooted even more the concept of "Portugality" as well as representing products with proven quality.

It has products from various parts of the country and abroad, made by the hands of local people, which combine the taste of doing with know how.

Inspired by concepts of familiarity, trust, identity, continuity, its image is mirrored in traditional Portuguese tiles where its more traditional colors are easily identified in the "Mercado da Saudade" in all the "corners" of the World.

Being the fruit of a vast tradition of Portuguese quality, is a great legacy that we intend to spread by giving our products and products from other parts of the world even more recognition, being distributed with our quality assurance!