We create partnerships with brands / International Companies to have their representation in Portugal, always on an exclusive basis. We develop the brands of our business partners in our country offering a quality service and excellence that is based on the following aspects:

  • Logistics Quality Integrated - We work with one of the largest national integrated logistics operators, properly certified and accredited for this purpose, which provides the required quality for us and for our brands at all levels. We can deliver products anywhere in Portugal in less than 24 hours;
  • IT- We are proud to have one of the most advanced and reliable computer systems in Portugal, which guarantees and provides 0% error margin, or the level of billing, logistics, management control, etc. We are also proud to work with EDI since the first day of life of the Company, whether with our customers, be it with some of our brands;
  • Marketing - We have a team highly specialized and focused in our system Brands "24/7";
  • Customers - We work with the vast majority of customers in Portugal, from large chains Organized Retail (aka Modern Distribution) to small customers, through the Channel Horeca and Foodservice;
  • Sales Team - We have a sales team highly specialized and focused in our brands and clients, providing a very dynamic and fast contact, creating lasting relationships of trust.

We are a flexible structure, versatile, fast and dynamic which enables the PV reduce decision time and always act in good time, anticipating and / or detecting the opportunities / market changes.