The Polenghi Group's mission is to promote new trends in kitchens by developing innovative products inspired by traditions and nature. Polenghi is known on the market as the "lemon specialist". Over the years, Polenghi has developed its potential in several sectors, diversifying its production capacity with excellent results that have established the company as the undisputed leader on its reference market.

A modern, innovative and technologically advanced company that is attentive to the needs of the market, as well as committed to continuous updating and product quality improvement across a wide range: from lemon juice to diversification that now embraces drinks, sauces, mousses, chocolate and culinary products - all linked with lemon and ensuring high service content.

Such success is also based on the strength and foresight of the Polenghi family that has always managed the company. Commitment, therefore, is a family matter: values and experience shared and transmitted by more than one generation through Giancarlo Polenghi and his son, Marco Polenghi, currently running the Group together.

The Polenghi Group comprises 3 production units in Europe: 1 in Italy, specialising in the production and packaging of lemon juice, sorbet and condiments; 1 in France, focusing on the development of innovative concepts for preparations and condiments with the aerosol system; 1 in Belgium, significantly developed to product Belgian chocolate specialities.

Polenghi exports to more than 50 countries, and is the market leader in some of them, producing more than 95 million pieces per year. Over time, the company has expanded from areas in Europe to America, the Far East, Australia and Arab countries.

Today, with 3 factories occupying an area of 20,000 sq.m., 140 employees and a turnover of more than €40 million, Polenghi enjoys top positions on world markets.